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Score simplifies your day to day activities...

Will it be easy to switch to Guep?

Yes. For your company to switch to Guep, simply request a login and password for our attendants and you can start using the superior technology of Score in your operation immediately

Is it easy to use the Guep system?

Yes, it is very easy! Just like a snapping fingers. It is simple and intuitive like no other, just like all other solutions from Guep. Anyone, when entering the system for the first time, will be able to browse all its features without any assistance, being able to use the tool without difficulties from beginning to end, easy peasy! But even so, every user who starts using our platform has the support of our Customer Success team, which gets in touch immediately and assists customers with detailed training so that there is no doubt, and the customer is ready to start using the solution.

How is the Score solution so fast?

Score is a powerful software with great processing capacity that searches for data and information without human intervention. Its Artificial Intelligence scans hundreds of sources of information in real time and provides a driver’s research in less than 25 minutes, releasing your driver with great agility, without relying on outdated databases or human analysts in call centers, as in conventional solutions , which can take up to 72 hours to answer. Choose the best technology now, choosing Score

Does Score comply with the LGPD?

All access to Guep's systems - and to your data - is protected by encryption and all user actions are protected by passwords and advanced authentication mechanisms. All sources of information that Score searches in its decision making are public. In addition, Guep does not retain or sell your information and the ones from our providers under any circumstances. Guep strictly complies with all laws, regulations, rules, circulars, leaving your company in full compliance with market demands

What is the advantage of using Score?

The great advantage that Score offers is an accurate, safe and fast answer: your company does not have to wait hours or days for a return. This agility leads to the reduction of several costs involved in transportation and minimization of losses, such as: Storage; driver waiting hours; stay costs; loss of windows of delivery; late fees, customer annoyance and loss of contracts, among others

Why is Score better and more efficient?

Guep has a specialized team dedicated full time to develop improvements in the Score solution, incorporating new features and resources. We know how to listen to and implement our customers’ suggestions in our software, translating the value of the users' real experience into programming codes and continuous improvement for our platform.

Does Score collaborate with sustainability?

Guep has a vision on sustainability that involves providing solutions and technologies that contribute to a faster and more efficient transport, which contributes to the reduction in carbon emissions, the reduction in travel time, and better economic sustainability for the transportation supply chain, reduction of risks and insurance claims and a better quality of life for all employees involved in the operations

If I need help, can I count on Guep?

Yes, you can always count on our support and commitment, whether to assist at the time of hiring, during the process or training and to answer any questions regarding the use of the solution. We are always ready to assist, answer questions and train new employees and branches. Here you can always count on the support and commitment of the Guep team

Will I like to change?

You will ask yourself why you hadn't changed before! Guep has the highest level of customer satisfaction in the market and many of the companies we serve have been with us since the beginning of our history. We work intensively, every day, to contribute to the success of our customers, improving our solutions and service more and more. We are pioneers in the adoption of a CS - Customer Success team in the segment, with the Disney certification of customer service and experience. Do you want to know more about it? Contact us! We will be happy to share our experience with you and your team.

Why do people like Guep so much?

The dedication and friendliness of each Guep employee brings a unique experience to our customers: we are prepared to serve you well, always. We know that it is not enough to have a robust, smart and agile solution that makes a difference in the operation of customers. It is also necessary to have people trained and ready to attend, as the most important skills cannot be replicated by software. The software cannot imitate the emotion, character and spirit of collaboration. The big difference is in uniting the heart, which is the source of our passion for what we do, with the brain, which can help us think and make the best decisions and choices, and go beyond.