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Market intelligence and analytics solutions within the reach of your business

Use the Transportation's largest Big Data and integrated information analysis solutions to create customized market intelligence projects according to your needs.
You face increasing competition, no matter the market, sector or region in which you operate and you need to have an advantage to stay ahead of the competition.
That's where Guep's Market Intelligence area comes in, combining
innovation and technologies like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to show you where, how much and how fast you need to grow to get the best results.

Strategy and

Use Intelligence to build a high-performance pricing strategy

You face increasing competition and need to have an advantage to be ahead, regardless of the market in which you operate and, with Guep, your
company will revolutionize the way it elaborates its Pricing structure.
Find out where and how much you need to grow in order to obtain the expected results, the regions where there is more competition and how to optimize your
logistics operations to obtain the best shipping conditions, thus improving your margins in the final price of products.

Emerging Markets

Achieve disruptive business growth using innovation to your advantage

Today, organizations produce a huge amount of data that, by itself, does not generate value. That's where Guep comes in, helping you transform data into strategic information, supporting your decision making.
Count on Guep's expertise in technologies such as Big Data, AI and Market Intelligence for your organization to generate visions and insights, develop new disruptive technological
solutions - in B2C and B2B - and reach new markets, leading your company to exponential growth.
Promote value creation in your organization using innovation as an engine for your digital transformation.

Know the ideal place to expand your operation

Get accurate information that will show you the regions with the greatest growth potential for your business and where you can - and are interested in - growing.
Identify the areas with the greatest growth potential, the heat zones with the most movement and, the main one, find out the exact location of your next commercial point.
With the largest Big Data in Market Analysis, we combine public and private sources, presenting the emerging markets for your segment with a granularity that only Guep has.

Hit the target and discover
potential customers