Welcome to the Digital Farm era

Agribusiness wants – and needs – technology and innovation to be more productive, safe and reliable. Have fully digital processes at your disposal, including a new 4.0 logistics, greater reliability in the issuance of CPRs and the total traceability of your production, ensured by modern blockchain technologies. Adopt Guep’s advanced technologies and gain in performance, control, security and total transparency in your operations.

Digital CPR

Count on an advanced solution to expedite the issuance of digital CPRs (rural producer notes): the producer taking credit, wins a valid title recognized by the market; and the industry, distributors, seedlings and banks, which provide credit, reduce risks and benefit from the transparency and traceability of operations by accessing reliable CPRs registered with accredited certifiers.

Guep Bank

Count on the first digital bank of the transportation and agribusiness sector ready to provide the reconciliation of operations and payments, with centralized and automated management. Gain productivity and security when managing your logistics operations; and with the detailed monitoring of your CPRs in management dashboards oriented to the needs and day-to-day of agribusiness. More agility, control and practicality, all digital.

Integration of documents and processes, transport and grain traceability, property security and much more, all in one place

Precision agriculture and predictive analysis

Know in advance where and how much to intervene and maximize the production of the planted area, enabling agriculture of high precision and reliability. Reduce production risks and have a detailed analysis of climate, rainfall and productivity in planting activities and count on analytics and predictive analysis services to monitor production and support decision making.

Logistic Control

Automatically hire the transportation provider that best suits your business needs. Count on a grid of selected suppliers at your disposal to streamline the choice of your transportation partners, with more control and management.

Fraud Prevention in Transportation

Count on the best and most advanced background checking solution for drivers and vehicles in Brazil to prevent fraud and increase security in your transport operations. Get fast and reliable results with the only solution on the market that employs artificial intelligence, scanning more than 500 sources of information in real time.

Emission control of all fiscal documents

The platform allows your logistics operation to be fully compliant with laws and regulations. Guep's technology controls and automates the issuance of all tax documents such as CTe, manifest, CIOT and toll payments, in addition to insurance registration and monitoring requests without human intervention.

With Blockchain technology, you have a system for classifying the quality of agricultural products, with high reliability and 100% digital technology. The system cannot be tampered with and records all the characteristics of the load in the cloud. Promote the traceability of cargo from end to end, with confidentiality of information, preventing losses and ensuring the integrity of your processes, from the field to the delivery to the final customer.

Logistic App

Monitor your transport operations from end to end, following the evolution of travel operation and the performance of deliveries in real time, with transparency, precision and reliability.

Solution for automation and access control to the farm and facilities, with facial biometrics and OCR solution linked to your transport operations. Establish virtual fences and make the scheduled release of access for vehicles and people in your environments. Improve security and reliability in your facilities, increasing productivity and reducing operating costs in your loading and unloading activities.

Easy Check

Definitive solution for loss prevention and control, promoting reliability and precision in the transport and storage of grains and agricultural products. Easy Check uses RFID technology for logistics and accurately checks large volumes when loading and unloading trucks at docks or warehouses. Automatically control your inventory with end-to-end traceability of your production.

Girassol Agrícola adopts GFrete Agro

Girassol Agrícola has been operating in the market for 35 years, producing seeds and inputs in the areas of soy, corn, cotton and eucalyptus reforestation. The company serves agribusiness clients in the Midwest region – the most important in the sector region – and also throughout the country. To increase the performance of its transport operations, the company bet on GFrete Agro, which will enable the digital management of its entire logistical process. Check below an interview with Markennedy Alves Branco, logistics coordinator at Girassol, who spoke about the adoption of GFrete Agro.

End-to-end traceability in the agribusiness chain

Monitoring and control of the entire chain.
Origin, quality control, fraud prevention and compliance.
More productivity for the producer, less risk for the buyers.