GuepBank is the first digital bank fully focused on logistics and agribusiness, designed to operate in an integrated manner with operations. GuepBank is a more agile, simple, technological and less bureaucratic bank, with high security. It surpasses traditional banks by understanding specific market needs and providing more speed and transparency in management for the financial areas of transportation companies, shippers and agribusiness.
Promote the financial reconciliation of payments and schedule transactions more quickly, eliminating the need to manually enter data, automating freight payments (CIOT) and toll payments, among others, avoiding filling errors and streamlining processes.
And, for the driver, GuepBank is a complete digital bank, giving more mobility and allowing him to pay bills, make withdrawals or transfers to other banks, TED, DOC or PIX, among other financial operations, including issuing cards for handling financial assistance with POS machines.

Freight Payment and Receipt

Payment and receipt of Voucher Toll

+ Mobility for hired, aggregate and self-employed drivers

Automatic Freight Payment

Financial Reconciliation