Digital Trucking Companies​

Your trucking company and all your processes, totally digital, prepared for the new 4.0 logistics. Meeting the new requirements and trends of great shippers who are in search of technology and innovation to obtain greater performance, control, safety and transparency in their operations, and that are giving preference to Digital Trucking companies.


Encryption-controlled access and information flow protected by Blockchain, ensuring the integrity and reliability of information in the flow for all agents involved


Platform 100% hosted in the cloud, with high availability. Easy to implement in your structure, accessible anytime, anywhere

Automation of all Processes in one single place

The 1st platform that integrates, in one place, documents, processes and agents in the logistics
chain and that will automate the operational processes of cargo transportation in your company

Loading Order

Improve loading order governance and management by integrating your operation with the customer.

- Narrow relationship
- Increase accuracy
- Gain agility
- Reduce costs

Control and validation

Use technology to have more transparency in the commercial relationship between shippers and transportation companies; and between transporters and shippers and self-employed drivers, bringing legal certainty to the operation

Self-Employed Driver Location

Have at your disposal drivers and vehicles suitable for your operation, by geolocation, bringing even more agility to your processes and improving the performance in the service provided to your customers

Counterfeiting Verification

Use the best and most advanced background checking solution for drivers and vehicles on the market, with the fastest and most accurate results in Brazil. Only market solution approved by 100% of cargo transportation insurers. Increase security and agility in your transport operations with Guep’s superior technology.

Guep Bank

Automate the payment of freight (CIOT) and toll payments and streamline the financial activities of trucking companies and shippers.
Gain agility and reduce costs by scheduling transactions and quickly making payments with a complete dashboard of transactions linked to transportation operations.
And, for the driver, it is a digital bank complete with bill payments, transfers, TED, DOCs, PIX and other financial transactions.
More simplicity, more agility. All digital


With Pluggue, you have a wide range of monitoring services at your disposal
With a click on your administration screen, you streamline your risk management process, making it easier for the trucking company and shipper to choose the provider that best suits its needs.

Guep Pass

With Guep Pass, you access the 1st digital Toll Ticket platform exclusively for logistics. Have in hand, with a click:
- Full control of operations and detailed statement of movements;
- Automatic calculation of tolls according to the route and axes;
- 100% coverage of toll roads in all states of Brazil

Logistic Process

Finalize the delivery operation remotely with the Pluggue, from the Driver's smartphone.
With GUEP technology you harvest the recipient's digital signature and speed up your processes.
The completion of delivery is notified to all logistical agents involved with privacy protected by Blockchain.

Your operation in full compliance with all laws and regulations