Guep Team

Debora Cristina

I’ve been with Guep since the beginning. In fact, since before the beginning, working with the CEO, Rodrigo Vecchi, for more than 20 years in what is my first, only and best job. Here what most marks us is the friendly, light and fun environment. We are like a family. It also has the seriousness and commitment aspects, which makes Guep a unique place to work.

João Zen

After more than 20 years in the insurance area, I was surprised by the invitation to join Guep’s team and I was delighted with the proposal, which was not just to be another company in the segment, but to join one that would bet on innovation. Until then, I hadn’t thought about working in a technology company, but this project’s future vision won me over.

Iuri Magri

I was asked to participate in the Guep project to implement a governance structure that would prepare the company for a leap into the future. I left behind more than 20 years of experience in the corporate world to act as a controller. What motivates me most is to know that here at Guep each one of us can leave our mark and build an innovative and disruptive company.

Luiz Martins

When I received the invitation to join Guep, I confess that it made me nervous. Would it be a risky bet or a well-aimed shot that would make a difference in my career? I decided to leave 10 years with big insurance companies, five of them only in Sul América, and embarked on this project, changed cities and lives, with my family and, today, I see that it was the right choice: I am pioneering a new career path and helping to build our Guep.

Alex Barbosa

I come from 20 years of experience in marketing and communication in the technology area and what attracted me to work at Guep was the possibility of leaving my mark, contributing to this project with the freedom to give ideas. To act together with the business areas and help in the construction of the Guep brand and in the digital transformation that it can bring to a market that wants – and needs – innovation, technology and a new way of thinking about logistics.

Leandro Coelho

I left the entrepreneurial life and went into a totally different industry: from construction, went to a software and technology company for logistics. It was a radical change and one that surprised me. I had the opportunity to discover a new market and, in these five years of Guep, I made clients and friends across the country and, today, I can say that Guep is helping in the digital transformation of the transportation sector.

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